The impact of high-quality paint on Gold Coast homes’ value

When it comes to factors that can make or break a home’s perceived value and marketability, professional painters across the Gold Coast know that the quality of the paint job plays an enormously impactful role. A fresh, flawless exterior repaint utilising premium coatings has the power to exponentially boost a property’s curb appeal, while dated, deteriorating finishes give the impression of a neglected, poorly maintained home.

The same goes for interiors – pristine walls in contemporary colours create a bright, welcoming atmosphere that allows potential buyers to envision themselves living there. Conversely, interiors with cracking, chipped or drab, outdated paint give off an unmistakably downtrodden vibe that turns off prospective purchasers before they can even appreciate the home’s other features.

Given their extensive experience working on pre-sale home makeovers and real estate listing preparations, Gold Coast’s elite residential painters understand the tangible value a professional-grade paint job adds from both a financial/investment standpoint and a pure aesthetic one. Here’s their insider perspective on the impact high-quality paint has on maximising home values in the region.

Curb appeal: The first impression 

When buyers pull up to a property, the external paint finish is the first thing they see – reinforcing whether the home appears well-maintained or neglected right off the bat. An updated, high-quality coating projects:

  • A clean, fresh, virtually brand-new look
  • Smooth, uniform coverage free of defects
  • Vibrant colour that enhances the architecture
  • Protection from coastal wear and weathering

This pristine curb appeal portrays an image of pride in ownership that gets buyers excited before even stepping inside. Conversely, visible paint failures, fading or dinginess leave a poor first impression that’s difficult to overcome.

Perceived dwelling condition 

Once inside, high-calibre interior painting also provides critical signals to potential buyers about the home’s overall condition. Flawless walls and crisp, modern finishes suggest:

  • A well-cared-for property and attentive homeowner
  • Livability without needing costly renovations
  • Cleanliness and a move-in ready dwelling
  • Quality construction and pride of ownership

Low-quality, mismatched interior paints give the opposite run-down, sloppy appearance that raises red flags about overall home maintenance.

Projected repair costs and timeframes 

Along those same lines, professional high-end paints demonstrate long-term resilience that eases buyer concerns over upcoming repair costs and labour. Premium coatings deliver:

  • Superior durability with 10+ year lifespans
  • Washability and stain/moisture resistance
  • Enhanced protection from the coastal elements
  • Seamless, uniform finish without touch-ups needed

Buyers perceive these qualities as reducing their investment into future repaints, updates and repair expenses for years after purchase. Conversely, subpar paints heavily degraded act as a glaring sign that repaints will likely be needed shortly after move-in.

Return on Investment (ROI) 

From the financial investment perspective, experienced Gold Coast painters note that high-quality paint jobs deliver significant ROI compared to costs:

  • A $10,000-$15,000 paint project can increase perceived home value by 5-10% or more, earning back the entire painting cost upfront.
  • Professionally-updated high-demand colours recoup around a 107% cost on average per Opendoor research.
  • Projects like exteriors, kitchens and living spaces produce the highest ROI property value impacts.
  • ROI continues growing as premium coatings stay intact for their full service lives.

Furthermore, homes presenting immaculately tend to fetch closer to their asking price than ones requiring immediate renovation work by the buyer.

Amplified marketing visuals 

Finally, high-calibre professional paint jobs provide an undeniable advantage during the all-important listing photography and video marketing processes:

  • Vibrant hues and rich paint finishes make homes appear pristine
  • Smooth, flawless walls are canvases for ideal virtual staging
  • High-definition details of trim and colour schemes shine brilliantly
  • Pristine exteriors boost drone footage and neighbourhood ambiance

Quality paint jobs translate into more visually-impactful listings that capture buyer interest.


While hiring professional painters may seem like an upfront investment for Gold Coast homeowners preparing to sell, their expertise in premium product selection and flawless application more than recoups the cost through its amplifying effect on a home’s overall perceived value, condition, and saleability. Buyers flock to properties with that fresh, high-quality paint finish while steering clear of ones requiring renovations. For maximising marketability and ROI, industry-leading Gold Coast painters cannot recommend highly enough the impact of a professional, high-calibre repaint.

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