Gold Coast painters’ tips for selecting the right paint for each room

When it comes to interior painting projects, experienced Gold Coast painters know that achieving stunning, long-lasting results goes far beyond simply choosing a color you like. The type of paint product selected – specifically its sheen level, formulation, and functional capabilities – plays a crucial role in how well it performs and wears over time within each unique room environment.

From kitchens dealing with heavy moisture and stains to high-traffic hallways needing scrubbable finishes to bedrooms desiring a soft, low-sheen glow, professional painters carefully evaluate a room’s lighting conditions, decorative aesthetics, and practical usage factors. This analytical approach ensures they specify paints engineered to deliver peak colorfastness, durability, and easy cleaning suited for the space’s specific requirements.

Here are some of their expert tips on selecting the ideal paint products room-by-room:

Living rooms & dining rooms 

“For the main living areas where you spend most of your time at home, we suggest eggshell or satin sheens with a 10-25% lustre level. These velvety, low-reflective finishes appear rich and luxurious while still being cleanable for those higher-traffic zones.”


Opt for completely flat/matte wall paints for bedrooms to create a soft, tranquil atmosphere conducive for rest and relaxation. Their total lack of reflective properties and light-absorbing tendencies promote a cosy, peaceful vibe.


Full bath spaces require specialised moisture and mildew-resistant paints able to withstand constant humidity and condensation, like high-performance acrylics or epoxy coatings with built-in antimicrobials. And always default to semi-gloss or gloss sheens for enhanced cleanability.


With all the cooking oils, smears and stains kitchens endure, you want tough, highly scrub-able paints in at least a satin sheen. Look for 100% acrylic formulations specially engineered to be easily washable for food-prep areas.

Kids’ rooms/Playrooms 

Any high-traffic area prone to scuffs, scrapes, stains and overall abuse needs maximum durability and washability, so you’ll want to use scrubbable eggshell or satin paints. Definitely avoid any flat finishes that would show every mark.


Based on how much foot traffic hallways and entryways see, we suggest eggshell or satin paints that can withstand light cleaning and impacts. These sheens also nicely accent any decorative trim and millwork in the space.

Accent walls/Feature areas 

For accent walls you want to make a statement with, go bold! Incorporate higher gloss sheens like semi or high-gloss paints to create a striking pop of colour and add depth. Just be sure those types of sheens are only used selectively.


Predominantly stick to flat finishes on ceilings to minimise any shine and imperfections standing out from light striking the surface. Meanwhile, semi or high-gloss sheens really make trim details pop and are easily washable.

Along with these general sheen recommendations, the type of colourant base and paint formulation is critical too – especially in kitchens, baths, laundry rooms and other high-humidity areas. Certain water/oil-based options simply won’t withstand the persistent moisture compared to advanced acrylic or epoxy-based options. The same goes for introducing low/zero-VOC products for homes with small children and to prevent that lingering paint smell.


As experienced professionals, Gold Coast’s best painters meticulously review every aspect of a room – then evaluate the specific customer’s priorities like cleanability, colour retention, light reflectance, and durability – before specifying the absolute ideal coating products guaranteed to delight for years. Their product knowledge separates the long-lasting results from the disappointments of improper paint selection.

So for your next interior painting project, whether doing the whole home or just refreshing certain rooms, take advantage of the expertise Gold Coast painters provide on product recommendations. Selecting the right paint for the unique conditions of each space ensures extraordinary, impeccable finishes built to last.

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